This month’s release of GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 18.6 comes with multitude of new features, improvements and bug fixes. New formats are introduced in this release such as PNG, JPG, BMP and email. Aside this, you can generate summary page to images streams and supports of pivot table in Cells is introduced as well. Document comparison performance is improved. Bug such as returning null in ICompareResult is fixed. For further details included in this month’s release, please visit the release notes. We’d recommend you to Download the new release and enhance your document comparison experience.


  • Ability of comparing DICOM documents by Comparison.Imaging
  • Apply/Discard changes for DICOM format
  • Add support for headers and footers for pivot tables
  • Groupdocs.Comparison: Add setting for cloning metadata
  • GroupDocs.Comparison.Words: Add ability of applying or discarding for category of changes
  • UpdateChanges Model for Imaging
  • Setting for cloning passwords for all formats
  • GroupDocs.Comparison: All formats: Add support of style settings: bold, italic, underline and strike through
  • GroupDocs.Comparison all formats: Add support of Check Box and Page in Change Info
  • GroupDocs.Comparison.Words: Add support of setting for cloning document metadata

See complete list of new features introduced here.


  • Implement the process absorbing of tables with merged cells
  • Improved public API
  • Add ability for comparison of result and original files in Imaging.Tests
  • Comparison.PDF: Improve comparison changes detection for Paragraphs
  • GroupDocs.Comparison.Text: Improve comparison performance
  • Fix the support of new settings for PDF
  • Add styles change detection for Comparison.Imaging (height, width)
  • Implement the process absorbing of tables with merged cells

Bug Fixes

  • No style changes are detected in PDF comparison and PDF is also truncated in multiple places
  • Output of PDF comparison is not as expected, all the text exceeding first line is missing
  • Comparer is not comparing any format and returning null in ICompareResult
  • PDF Comparison - scrambled/text overlapped output
  • HTML Comparison is not working
  • Comparing a file with itself, gives poor result
  • Invalid comparison for PDF documents

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