Set PageOrientation using GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 18.6


This month’s release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 18.6 comes with some bug fixes, improvements and new features. Issue such as printing complete spreadsheet instead of just printable area is fixed. A new property PageOrientation is introduced in DocumentInfo class. Please take a look over the release notes to get an idea about the new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Features Introduced

  • Implement conversion from DWF
  • Convert specific range when converting cells document
  • Conversion from PostScript
  • specific options for converting CSV documents
  • Setting default zoom when converting to Cells
  • Default zoom when converting to Words
  • Set default zoom when converting to Slides
  • Configurable option for setting a watermark as background


  • Caching with provided LocalCacheDataHandler
  • Implement configuration option for selecting if blank rows and columns should be skipped when converting Cells document
  • Set zoom when converting to Pdf document
  • Update API for getting document info to detect page orientation for the supported formats
  • Set default font to replace all missing fonts when converting Words document
  • Default font to replace all missing fonts when converting Cells document
  • Conversion improvement when converting Psd and Odg to Pdf

Issues Resolved

  • Unable to set watermark text
  • Converting specific docx document fails with Value cannot be null, parameter trueTypeFont
  • Fix failing conversion from Odg
  • Failing conversion from Ifc
  • Just print area is getting converted, not the entire spreadsheet
  • XPS to PDF conversion failed
  • LoadOptions doesn’t possess setDefaultFont method
  • Problem in converting large excel files. Is there a way to paginate the excel sheet?

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Conversion: