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Today, we are glad to announce the release of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 18.8. In this version, we have introduced the feature of rendering a part of MS Project document specifying the start date and end date. We have also made it possible to set ForcePasswordValidation property of the ViewerConfig using the configuration files such as app.config and web.config. Furthermore, the latest version also includes 14 improvements and bug fixes. Below is the list of new features, improvements, and fixes added in v18.8.

Features Introduced

Rendering a Part of MS Project DocumentYou can now render a part of MS Project document according to specified StartDate and EndDate properties of ProjectOptions class as shown in the below code snippet. When only one of these properties is set, rendering starts from the project’s start date or ends on the project’s end date correspondingly.```

// Setup GroupDocs.Viewer config ViewerConfig config = new ViewerConfig(); config.StoragePath = @“C:\storage”;

// Create image handler ViewerImageHandler imageHandler = new ViewerImageHandler(config); string guid = “document.mpp”;

// Set Project options to render tasks from year 2018 only ImageOptions options = new ImageOptions(); options.ProjectOptions.StartDate = new DateTime(2018, 01, 01); options.ProjectOptions.EndDate = new DateTime(2018, 12, 31);

// Get pages List pages = imageHandler.GetPages(guid, options);

foreach (PageImage page in pages) { Console.WriteLine(“Page number: {0}”, page.PageNumber); Stream imageContent = page.Stream; }

# Improvements

We have included following improvements in the latest version:

*   Security improvements
*   Rendering comments from Presentation documents into images when ExtractText option is enabled
*   Retrieving list of resources only when loading page from cache
*   Reduced count of calls to storage methods
*   Extended support for DefaultFontName option for MS Project documents rendering to image and HTML
*   Added ForcePasswordValidation configuration via configs
*   Extended support for rendering comments from ODP document format

# Bug Fixes

Following issues are fixed in version 18.8 of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

*   Deadlock when rendering documents in multiple processes
*   An exception raises while retrieving HTML pages from the source document
*   Relative and absolute resource paths in the same HTML page
*   Exception when the file name contains curly braces
*   Legend is shifted and incorrect formatting when rendering PPTX as HTML
*   Incorrect font when rendering PPTX as HTML
*   Incorrect character position in HTML mode in Safari for iOS

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# Feedback

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write on our [forum]( "Technical Support Forum").