GroupDocs Watermark for .NET We are pleased to introduce version 18.8 of GroupDocs.Watermark for Java. This version includes 2 new features, 1 enhancement, 1 bug fix, and a breaking change as well. It supports skipping unreadable characters during text watermark search. Furthermore, we have also added a new feature to strengthen protection of text watermark in PowerPoint documents. Please continue to read more about version 18.8.

Features Introduced

Skipping Unreadable Characters During Text Watermark SearchThere might be the case that the watermark’s text contains unreadable characters. The unreadable characters may affect the searching of the watermark. The latest version of GroupDocs.Watermark allows finding text watermark even if it contains unreadable characters between the letters. For a working example, please refer to the following article:

Strengthening the Protection of Text Watermark in Presentation DocumentsUsing unreadable characters in the watermark text forbids its modification using Find and Replace dialog and therefore, it strengthens the protection of text watermark in presentation documents. GroupDocs.Watermark for Java 18.8 allows including unreadable characters in a text watermark to strengthen its protection. For a working example, please refer to the following article:


Support of SmartArt and CustomXml Drawing Types in Spreadsheet DocumentsThe latest version of GroupDocs.Watermark also supports SmartArt and CustomXml drawing types for Excel documents. You can now find and remove SmartArt and CustomXml drawing types from the worksheets. For a working example, please refer to the following article:

Bug Fixes

GroupDocs.Watermark for Java 18.8 includes the fix for the following issue.

  • Locking watermark in PPTX, PPT is not working

Breaking Change

Since version 18.8, the security of Metered licensing has been improved. Metered licensing is now applicable only in Java runtime version 8u101 or above. Please use other types of licensing if you are using v18.8 or above in Java 7.

Available Channels and Resources


As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write on our [forum]("Technical Support Forum").