We are pleased to announce another monthly release of GroupDocs.Signature for .NET. This latest release 18.11 of the API comes up with a multitude of new features like the ability to add form-field signatures in PDF documents and many more. We therefore recommend you to download the new version of the API to evaluate the exciting new features and enhance your document e-signing experience.


Sign PDF Document with a Form-Field SignatureThe Form-Field Signatures are the input control which are placed in a document page. Following example demonstrates how to add Checkbox in a PDF document:```

// instantiate check-box form field signature FormFieldSignature checkboxSignature = new PdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature(“FieldCheckbox”, true); // instantiate options based on check-box form field signature PdfFormFieldSignOptions checkboxOptions = new PdfFormFieldSignOptions(checkboxSignature) { HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left, VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Top, Margin = new Padding(120, 20, 0, 0), Height = 10, Width = 10 }; // sign document string signedPath = handler.Sign(“02_pages.pdf”, checkboxOptions, new SaveOptions { OutputType = OutputType.String, OutputFileName = “Pdf_FormFields” });

## Search Form-Field Signatures in a PDF DocumentAPI allows you to search for Form-Field Signatures like Text, Checkbox or Digital within the document. Following example demonstrates how to search Form-Field Signature in PDF document:```
// setup search options
PdfSearchFormFieldOptions searchOptions = new PdfSearchFormFieldOptions();
searchOptions.SearchAllPages = true;
searchOptions.NamePattern = @"Field";
searchOptions.Value = @"Value1";
// search document
SearchResult result = handler.Search("Pdf_FormFields_Signed.pdf", searchOptions); 

Metadata Signatures for Slides documentThe Metadata Signature is the additional document property that contains special attributes/tags to keep non visual information inside the document. Following example demonstrates how to compose Metadata Signature options for Slides document:```

// setup options with text of signature SlidesMetadataSignOptions signOptions = new SlidesMetadataSignOptions(); // Specify different Metadata Signatures and add them to options sigature collection // setup Author property SlidesMetadataSignature mdSign_Author = new SlidesMetadataSignature(“Author”, “Mr.Scherlock Holmes”); signOptions.MetadataSignatures.Add(mdSign_Author); // setup data of document id SlidesMetadataSignature mdSign_DocId = new SlidesMetadataSignature(“DocumentId”, Guid.NewGuid().ToString()); signOptions.MetadataSignatures.Add(mdSign_DocId); // setup data of sign date SlidesMetadataSignature mdSign_Date = new SlidesMetadataSignature(“SignDate”, DateTime.Now); signOptions.MetadataSignatures.Add(mdSign_Date); // setup some integer value SlidesMetadataSignature mdSign_Days = new SlidesMetadataSignature(“DocDays”, 12345); signOptions.MetadataSignatures.Add(mdSign_Days); // setup data of sign date SlidesMetadataSignature mdSign_Koeff = new SlidesMetadataSignature(“SignKoeff”, 2.345M); signOptions.MetadataSignatures.Add(mdSign_Koeff); // sign document string signedPath = handler.Sign(“test.pptx”, signOptions, new SaveOptions { OutputType = OutputType.String, OutputFileName = “Slides_Documents_Metadata” });

## Search Metadata Signature in a Slides documentYou can search for Metadata Signatures within the Slides document. Following example demonstrates how to search Metadata Signatures in Slides document:```
// setup search options
SlidesSearchMetadataOptions searchOptions = new SlidesSearchMetadataOptions();
// set if we need built-in signatures
searchOptions.IncludeBuiltinProperties = true;
// search document
SearchResult result = handler.Search("SignedMetadata.pptx", searchOptions); 

Additional Verification CriteriaThis latest version of the API provides few additional properties to verify Digital Signatures of Words document.```

// setup digital verification options WordsVerifyDigitalOptions verifyOptions = new WordsVerifyDigitalOptions(“SherlockHolmes.cer”); verifyOptions.Comments = “Test1”; verifyOptions.SubjectName = “Signature”; verifyOptions.IssuerName = “GroupDocs”; verifyOptions.SignDateTimeFrom = new DateTime(2017, 1, 26, 14, 55, 57); verifyOptions.SignDateTimeTo = new DateTime(2017, 1, 26, 14, 55, 59);
//verify document VerificationResult result = handler.Verify(“digital signatures.docx”, verifyOptions);

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