GroupDocs.Metadata for Java We are glad to announce the monthly release of GroupDocs.Metadata for Java 19.1. In this version, we have introduced two new features and added seven enhancements. Using the latest version, you can extract metadata from Matroska Multimedia Container (.MKV) files. Furthermore, the latest version allows you to extract metadata from password-protected OneNote documents. Please have a look at the release notes for more details.

Features Introduced

Support for the Matroska Multimedia Container FilesThe latest release is capable of extracting metadata from the Matroska Multimedia Container (.MKV) files. The API provides the following features when working with .MKV files:

Support for Password-Protected OneNote DocumentsGroupDocs.Metadata for Java has the ability to work with password-protected documents. In the latest version, we have extended this ability by adding support for password-protected OneNote documents. The LoadOptions class is used to set the password for the protected documents. For a working example, please visit the following documentation article:


The following enhancements are made in version 19.1:

  • Removed the obsolete code related to the TIFF/EXIF functionality
  • Removed obsolete members of the DublinCorePackage class
  • Implemented Closeable interface for the following classes to reduce the memory consumption:
    • VisioFormat
    • OneNoteFormat
    • DwgFormat
    • DxfFormat
    • EmlFormat
    • OutlookMessage
    • MovFormat

For working examples on how to reduce memory consumption, please visit this documentation article.

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, try, learn and get technical support on GroupDocs.Metadata for Java: