Document Assembly API We are pleased to announce the release of version 19.1 of GroupDocs.Assembly for Java. The latest version allows you to merge the table cells having equal textual contents within your reports dynamically. Furthermore, we have introduced the feature of adding optional comments within the syntax tags that can provide a human-readable explanation. For more details on the latest version, please have a look at the release notes.

Features Introduced

Merging Table Cells DynamicallyUsing the latest version, you can tell the API to merge the table cells that have equal textual content. The following tag is used for this purpose:```

«cellMerge -horz»

*   Spreadsheet Documents
*   Presentation Documents
*   Word Processing Documents
*   Emails with HTML and RTF Bodies

For more details on this feature, please visit [this]( documentation article.

## Support of Textual Comments within Syntax TagsThis feature is introduced to add the textual comments within the syntax tags in the templates. These comments are only for providing human-readable explanation and ignored by the reporting engine. The following sample shows how to use the comments:```
<<tag\_name \[expression\] –switch1 –switch2 .. // optional\_comment>>

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, try, learn and get technical support on GroupDocs.Assembly for Java:


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