You might be wondering if there would be more annotation types. The wait is over, we’ve introduced Link Annotation in GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.4. With the passage of time we’ll introduce more annotations. Currently, Link Annotation is supported for PDF, Slides and Word documents only. Let’s see the minimal set of fields required for Link Annotation.

There is one improvement and few bug fixes introduced as well. Previously,
GetPdfFile method was not processing password protected documents. Now, if you need to process password protected documents you should pass an extra parameter for GetPdfFile method.

Following are the major bug fixes:

  • Annotations were not removing from Cell documents
  • Password protected documents were not converted to PDF
  • GetPdfFile method was returning broken file
  • ImportAnnotations method was not closing source stream for Tiff files

Download and implement various types of annotations programatically in documents. See documentation of link and various other annotation types in developer guide section.