In this post, we share how we conducted our 2019 GroupDocs Pricing Review.

Last month we shared the news about GroupDocs 2019 pricing change. Our aim behind that change was simple: to make sure we are delivering the best value Document Management API suite on the market.

Each year we review our pricing and licensing model to make sure we’re continually giving developers the functionality and flexibility they need. Providing top quality APIs at fair prices along with permissive licensing models.

How we conducted the review

For this review we gathered a list Vendors in the “.NET Document Viewer” space, ensured they had approximately comparable functionality to GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET and Java and measured the value that developers can get from each API vendor on our list.

Many vendors offer only a small subset of the vast feature-set offered inside GroupDocs.Total. So when performing our review we couldn’t measure a true “like-for-like” comparison. As such, for this review we focused on a single product and looked at 9 other vendors that offered a .NET document viewer.

Pricing Comparison

Purely from a pricing perspective, comparing GroupDocs’ Developer OEM license type at $2997 USD, we found that GroupDocs was the 3rd lowest priced solution on the market.


Cost for Equivalent OEM style license ($ USD)

Vendor A



Vendor B



Vendor C



Vendor D



Vendor E



Vendor F



Vendor G






Vendor H *



Vendor I **



* This vendors Viewer only supports viewing PDF files
** This vendors Viewer is only supported on Silverlight and WPF

As well as being the most competitively priced API, our pricing starts at only $999, so the review doesn’t take our introductory, Developer Small Business license into account.

What Does A GroupDocs License Get You?

From a licensing perspective, our Developer OEM license offers:

  • Category leading functionality
  • 12 month subscription included - On average, products get updates each month, delivering bug fixes and new features.
  • Free Support - Dedicated support teams, also available during free trials. Paid Support options are available.
  • Deployment to unlimited servers - No per server licensing.
  • No extra cost for deployment to staging, build or backup servers.
  • Simple to understand, per developer licensing
  • Ability to upgrade single product purchases to GroupDocs.Total.


GroupDocs offers incredible value for money, market leading functionality, great licensing terms, free support and future proofing through free monthly updates.

If you’re looking into Document Manipulation API’s and you’re not evaluating GroupDocs, get in touch with our Sales Team or Support Team and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.