Footnote appears at bottom of the page and used to cite information. Previously, API was not comparing Footnotes correctly. But with the release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.5, we fixed this issue. Please have a glance.

But this is not it we have a lot more to tell you. Along with bug fixes, some features and improvements are also introduced.

Lets talk about new features first. Did you ever think of getting coordinates of document changes or differences? It could be confusing at first but let me elaborate this. In your output or resultant document, you get every detail of inserted, deleted or style changed items. What else you can get now is the coordinate details where changes or differences actually occurred. Currently this feature is supported for only PDF, Slide and Diagram formats.

To use this feature you should specify CalculateComponentCoordinates property in ComparisonSettings.

Let’s see a complete use-case.

Coming to the second feature, its about DocumentInfo. This class contains following properties:

  • NumberOfPages (read only) - count of document pages
  • PagesData (read only) - list of PageInfo classes

PageInfo class contains following properties:

  • Width - the width of page
  • Height - the height of page

Following are the improvements:

  • Change detection in tables for Word documents
  • Error handling improvements for all the formats

Major Bug Fixes

  • Can’t get images for HTML files
  • Incorrect difference info in PDF
  • Font detection exception
  • Word separation exception

We’d recommend you to download latest release of the API and enhance your document comparison experience.