Hello everyone! I am back with another release announcement of GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET 19.5. This release has brought a quite useful feature for the developers who are using GroupDocs.Redaction with our Metered Licence. For those who are unaware of the Metered Licence, let me give you a brief introduction. Afterward, I will talk about the new feature and its usage.

Metered License is a type of license that allows you to pay for what you have used. You are charged only when you use any feature of the GroupDocs APIs in your application. It is useful if you want to be billed based on the usage of the API features. Your usage is reported to our servers and based on which we generate your monthly invoices.

The Metered License is supported for both .NET and Java APIs that we offer. Some major advantages that you can enjoy using Metered License are:

  • You pay only for what you have used.
  • Same monthly charges are applied regardless of the number of developers you engage to use our APIs.
  • Metered License is not specific for one product and you can use any product under this license type.
  • You can create applications providing the APIs for other developers to use.

Now you would have got a clear picture of the Metered License. So let’s move forward and check out what new we have for those who are already using the said type of the license.

In the latest release, we have added the feature of getting the credit consumption information against your Metered License. Which means that now you can be aware of how much credit you have consumed. Once you have got this information, you can use it for the further usage analysis.

To get the credits consumption information, we have added GetConsumptionCredit method to GroupDocs.Redaction.Metered class. This is how you can use this method.

Alright! So now you must have got the idea of how the latest release might be helpful for you. You can download the latest release and evaluate the features of the API using the examples project. For more details, please consult the API’s documentation.

In case you would have any questions or queries, do let us know via our forum.