Yes, this is right. Paginal mode is now implemented in GroupDocs.Editor for .NET 19.5. How this mode will effect WordProcessing documents? As you know that previously, there was only float mode. When WordProcessing documents were converted to the page-less HTML, page division was absent. But in this release WordProcessing options class contains new paged (also called paginal) mode. When paged is enabled, it produces HTML markup, optimized and adjusted for per-page edit and it creates ease to enable paged editing in any of WYSIWYG-editors.

By default this mode is disabled. In order to enable it you need to set a boolean flag to true in the WordProcessingToHtmlOptions options:

Now, when document is edited in the WYSIWYG-editor and is passed back to the GroupDocs.Editor API for converting from HTML to the output format, you also have to set boolean flag to true (by default it is disabled) in the WordProcessingSaveOptions:

Aside this, various text effects are implemented in WordProcessing documents:

  • Shadow
  • 3D Effect
  • Outline
  • Glow
  • Engrave
  • Emboss

This feature doesn’t require any action, it is always enabled and can be observed, when the document with such text effects is processed.

Metered Credits is introduced in this release as well. As API already supports Metered Licensing. But now a new credits concept is implemented. Each document operation, along with consumed bytes, also consumes one credit. The amount of already used credits can be retrieved through new static method GetConsumptionCredit in the Metered class:

Grab the latest release here. Please communicate with us on forum if you face any issue.