Integrate GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.6 in your project and take control of documents comparison sensitivity. Detecting source and target documents style changes or inserted/deleted items and then highlighting them in the resultant file is a common yet major feature.

But we have something new, something enormous for you. You can now get detailed comparison of the documents. In ComparisonSettings class we added SensitivityOfComparison method using that you can set sensitivity of documents comparison. Let’s see its implementation and then details.

This option defines limit in percentage, when element is detected as deleted or inserted. There are three values/percentages.

Minimal value
Minimal value is 0, comparison process does not occur for any length of sequences of two compared objects.

Value by default
The default percentage is 75, comparison occurs when the percentage of deleted or inserted elements in relation to all elements does not exceed 75%.

Maximum value
That is 100%. Comparison occurs at any length of a common sub-sequence of two compared objects.

Now let’s understand this with a use-case. Suppose we have two words:

  1. oneSource
  2. twoTarget

These two words have very small common sub-sequence. Therefore, when comparing them at 75% accuracy, it is not taken into account and we get a completely removed and inserted word as follows:


But at 100% accuracy, this sub-sequence will be treated or represented in a different way, despite the fact that it consists of two letters.


Isn’t it amazing? You can now get briefed comparison results by just controlling the sensitivity.

Let’s see the major issues that are now resolved in this release:

  • Duplicate Images in Result file in PDF
  • PDF comparison has overlapping and mangled output
  • Text got overlapped with other text or images
  • Merged Documents and then comparing them fails

You must give a try to GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET API and share your feedback and concerns on forum. Download latest version of the API here.