Sign Documents with QR Code using GroupDocs.Signature for .NET and Java

Why we need eSigning?

As most of the businesses are going green, the need for paperless environment is increasing day by day. This also brings in the need for establishing the authenticity of the documents by signing them electronically. Therefore, eSigning is the very basic requirement and could be considered as the first step towards the paper free world.

Even in the scenarios where you can print the documents out, you may still have to send that back after signing the same. That may also leave you to figure out how you are going to do so, considering the scanners and fax machines going extinct, it is quite likely that your office may not have one either. And that will make eSigning a useful option in this case as well.

Other than these obvious solutions, eSigning is also a cost-effective and time-saving option. It does not need you to print dozens of pages just to sign one of those and send them back through some post taking days.

The GroupDocs.Signature As eSigning Tool

The GroupDocs.Signature for .NET and Java makes this task of signing your documents electronically extremely easy and could be integrated into almost all of the commonly available famous document formats. Currently, you can sign your documents with Stamp, Barcode, QR Code, Text, Image, Metadata, Form Field and Digital signatures, using just a few lines of code along with the GroupDocs.Signature APIs.

Using the GroupDiocs.Signature APIs you can sign all the pages of a document in one go. It also allows you to save custom data securely encrypted in it along with the useful feature of setting the alignment and appearance of the signature. Apart from signing the documents, these APIs also allows you to search for the signature and verify it.

eSign Your Documents with QR Code

Here, in this article, we will discuss how the documents can be signed electronically with QR Code. A QR Code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which could be read by an image capturing device such as a camera. The QR Code could be used to store bank information, contact information, addresses and all kinds of private information that you do not want to be tempered with.

Sign a PDF Document with QR Code in C#

Following code represents how a document can be signed with QR Code in C#:

Sign a PDF Document with QR Code in Java

The code for signing a PDF document with QR Code in Java will look like this:

A signed document will look like the following screenshot:

You can also get the complete ready to run code samples at GitHub.