We are introducing a new public API that is designed to be implemented easily. Those who are using previous version of the API (below 19.9), you don’t have to worry. The legacy API has been moved into legacy namespace. If you want to upgrade to v19.9, it is required to make project-wide replacement of namespace usages from GroupDocs.Conversion to GroupDocs.Conversion.Legacy in order to avoid any build issues.

Why to use new version?

  • Converter class introduced as a single entry point to manage the document conversion process to any supported file format (instead of ConversionHander class from previous versions)
  • The overall conversion speed improved dramatically by saving each page as soon as it was converted, not when all pages list were converted
  • API architecture was redesigned to decrease memory usage (depending on document type)
  • Document convert options are simplified for easy control over document conversion and saving processes

Changes at code level

Conversion using older version:

Conversion using new version:

Bug Fixes
Issue “Specified argument was out of range of valid values” is fixed while converting a Spreadsheet document to PDF.

Get Started
Please download or clone our updated example project and explore developer guide.