The all-new API v2 of GroupDocs.Parser for .NET has been released! It would be a piece of breaking news for those who are already using our document parsing API as well as who are looking for an easy to use solution for extracting text, images, and metadata from PDF, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, EPUB & ZIP file formats.

What’s new in the API v2?

We have done some major updates at the architecture level of the API to perform product optimization. This also includes the renaming of classes and methods as well as simplifying the whole process of document parsing. The following are some key updates we have done in the latest release:

  • The Parserclass is introduced as a single entry point to extract data from the documents.

  • The data extraction process has been unified for all the data types i.e. text, metadata, etc.

  • The product architecture has been redesigned from scratch in order to simplify passing options and classes to manipulate the data.

  • Document information and preview generation procedures have been simplified.

  • The overall document related classes have been unified into common classes.

What is the difference in coding style?

Because of the changes in the architecture of the API, the coding style has also been modified and simplified. Have a look at the difference in terms of coding style between the old and the new version of the API.

Old coding style

New coding style

In case you are already using GroupDocs.Parser for .NET in your application and want to migrate to the latest release, have a look at the migration notes. Consult the release notes for a complete list of public API changes.

Get started with the API v2 by cloning or downloading the source code examples from GitHub. Visit the documentation of the API for more details about every feature of the API. In case you would find something difficult for you, do let us know on our forum.