Adjust contrast when converting a document to image

Up til now there was a simple document to image conversion process. With the release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 19.10, we’ve added a number of interesting features for image conversion.

  • Set color mode when converting to JPEG
  • Option to set compression mode
  • Adjust image brightness and contrast
  • Set gamma
  • Option to flip image

Have a look at its implementation:

Conversion from CDR
CDR is a vector graphics file. API now allows you to do conversion from CDR.

Along with new features, there are some improvements and bug fixes as well. Following are the major improvements:

  • Conversion from Excel95/5.0 XLS files
  • Set image quality when converting to WebP
  • Remove HideComments from SaveOptions

Bug Fixes
Previously, there was an issue (Exception: Cannot open an image) in conversion of Cells to Image. We’ve fixed it.
API conflict with Ch.qos.logback is also resolved.
Moreover, you can now generate scalable/Adjustable HTML. There is a property in HtmlSaveOptions known as FixedLayout. Try to set it to false. This will generate simplified markup and layout.

We’d recommend you to download and integrate API version 19.10 and enhance your document conversion experience. If you face any issue, post it on forum.