Add watermark to the converted document in C# or Java

Document conversion is one of the most frequent process that endures across a lot of industries. Sometimes, its the business need to put a watermark on the resultant document. For example, you want to convert a PPTX to PDF with a watermark (text or image) in all the PDF pages.

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET gives you such a option. It possesses a class WatermarkOptions with rich properties such as:

  • Text/Font
  • Color
  • Width
  • Height
  • Background
  • Transparency
  • Rotation angle

Lets have a look at its implementation in C#:

Document conversion in Java:

Below is the screenshot, you can see conversion of a PPTX to PDF along with watermark text.

Download API here. If there’s any issue, you can post on forum.

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