We are back with another monthly release of our eSign API - GroupDocs.Signature for .NET. This release includes three new features, three improvements, and a bug fix. So in this article, I’ll give you a walk-through of the latest release.

Support of Z-Order for Text Signatures

Z-order determines the order for the overlapping, two-dimensional objects in an x-y plane. Put it simply, if X-axis represents the width and Y-axis represents the height then Z-order will represent the depth of the object. An object with a higher Z-order value will appear in front of all the other overlapping objects. This option has now been added to our eSignature API for the text signatures. For now, this property is supported for the following document formats:

  • PDF documents
  • Word processing documents
  • Spreadsheets

We have added the ZOrder property in the TextSignOptions class and this property is responsible for ordering the overlapping text signatures. Let’s understand the usage of this property with the help of a code sample.


The following is the list of improvements we have made in v19.9.

  • Improved the feature of saving signed .djvu files
  • Improved saving word processing documents to various formats
  • Implemented the transparent background for stamps

Bug Fix

In the previous versions, the Signature property of DigitalSignOptions class was not affecting the signing process. An exception was thrown if CertificateStream or CertificateFilePath is not set. This issue has now been resolved and its fix is available in v19.9.

You can download the latest release from our downloads section or install it in your project using NuGet. For more details, consult the product documentation. Let us know your suggestions or concerns via our forum.