Convert Documents to Grayscale Image with different Options using C#

The first and foremost question in your mind could be, is it about converting an RGB image to Grayscale only? No, you can convert any supported file format (including images) to a black-and-white or gray monochrome image. The contrast ranges from black at the weakest intensity to white at the strongest.
See the below demonstration. We converted the first page of a PDF file to grayscale image. You can manage brightness, contrast, or gamma of the resultant image as well. The code will be explained later in this post.

Converting PDF to a Grayscale Image using C# API
Convert PDF to Grayscale Image in C#

This feature is quite helpful if you are going to do image processing. As RGB image is represented by 3 channels and contains a lot of data/noise, hence, more computational power is required to process such an image. On the other hand, Grayscale image makes this process comparatively easy.

Along with common conversion options, we’ll see the advanced properties that we can implement when converting a document to image using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET.

Document Conversion API for .NET and its Implementation

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET is a back-end API that is used for documents conversion between multitude of supported file formats and image types. Conversion results can easily be customized and tuned with multiple and flexible options.
If we talk about its implementation, its a back-end API that can be integrated or implemented in any .NET application without any dependency. You can use it in your (existing or new) web, desktop or console applications.

Converting PDF to Grayscale PNG using C# with different Options

Here is the code example that converts PDF file into PNG with different brightness, contrast, gamma, grayscale, horizontal and vertical resolution options using C#.

ImageConvertOptions Class

The ImageConvertOptions class exposes these members. There are a lot of interesting yet helpful properties. Some of them are implemented in the above code. Other than that output image’s rotation angle, width and height can be controlled. You can also add Watermark in the resultant file. API also provides format specific conversion options (e.g. JpegOptions, PsdOptions).
For example, PsdOptions is a subset of ImageConvertOptions which allows enhanced control over conversions to PSD format. Learn more in this article.

Helpful Resources

Please access API from download section. We also have an open-source example project for your ease to evaluate the API features and it can be downloaded from GitHub. Feel free to share your concerns on forum.