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Upcoming release of GroupDocs.Classification for .NET

GroupDocs.Classification for .NET allows you to classify document or text with IAB-2 or Document taxonomies. Have a look at the image below: You can see how API classifies an input text to IAB-2. If you haven’t already explored the online … Continue reading

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Search Text or Image Signatures in Documents using GroupDocs.Signature for .NET 19.10

With the release of version 19.10 of our electronic signature API – GroupDocs.Signature for .NET, we have introduced the features of searching text signatures and image signatures in the supported document formats. Not only this, the API now supports .NET … Continue reading

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Change page orientation of a Word document in C#

Do you want to change orientation (e.g. landscape, portrait) of a single or multiple pages in a Word document? GroupDocs.Merger for .NET allows you to do this with just a few lines of code. Usage Below are the steps to … Continue reading

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Convert to PDF using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and Java

There may be multiple document types in your computer which are now outdated and need to be converted into the new ones. The world is turning into a digital valley where all the businesses are optimizing themselves to turn into … Continue reading

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Extract Data from Database Files using C#

The database is considered to be an integral part of most of the applications. Be it a desktop, web or mobile application, database plays a vital role in storing, accessing and manipulating the data. There are many database management systems … Continue reading

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Offering GroupDocs’ Free Consulting Services for Customized Projects

At GroupDocs, we always strive to provide you with the best services for document manipulation operations. Our document manipulation APIs have been serving our customers in building feature-rich applications. Our free support services have proved to be a great success … Continue reading

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Support of .NET Standard 2.0 in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 19.10

Hello everyone! We have released v19.10 of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET and I have a piece of breaking news especially for those who requested the support of .NET Core. The latest release of the API includes 6 new features, 2 improvements, … Continue reading

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How To Remove Watermark from PDF Documents

Remove Watermark from PDF – If you are looking to create an application to remove watermark from PDF online or simply want to delete watermark from a PDF document. This article is a good learning source for the c# programming … Continue reading

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Accept or reject PDF comparison changes in C#

You might be looking for an API that provides ability to apply or discard specific changes between source and target documents and save resultant document with (or without) selected changes. About the API GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET is a back-end API … Continue reading

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Lock Watermarks in Word Documents using C#

Watermarking is a famous way of adding labels to the documents that may indicate the state of the document such as draft, confidential, etc. It can be used to add a company’s logo behind the text of the document to … Continue reading

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