Convert to PDF using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and Java

There may be multiple document types in your computer which are now outdated and need to be converted into the new ones. The world is turning into a digital valley where all the businesses are optimizing themselves to turn into an industry giant. Previous year’s data are always necessary to be stored due to the nature of competition businesses face in a competitive market. The main task is to find a way through which you can convert other file formats into the required supported documents while covering other requirements. These requirements may include changing the height, width or look of these documents.

Only fifteen years ago, the task of converting a document file format into another one required extreme efforts and hard work. Even if you wanted to convert your image into PDF, you had to convert it multiple times and spend hours in front of the screen to achieve the desired result.

Why we require to convert Images into PDF?

If you are wondering why you would require to convert images into PDF or do a similar process with other file formats, there are several advantages residing in this action. Firstly, a PDF file takes up a lesser amount of space in comparison to an image. The print quality of images is completely dependent on image resolution and it is quite problematic to drop down the size of the image. PDF comes with a solution to all these problems.

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and Java

GroupDocs.Conversion is an easy-to-use back-end API that is available in both .NET and Java and can easily be integrated into any application. Through this API, you can convert multiple documents into a wide variety of supported file formats and image types along with feature to customize the results through flexible options.

The most common features that API allows you while converting images into PDF are Format, Width, Height, Dpi, Password and Rotate. Apart from that, you can also set zoom size, image quality and many more.

Following example demonstrates how you can convert images into PDF using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET:

Java developers can convert images into PDF using GroupDocs.Conversion for Java with following line of codes:

See the following screenshot of resultant PDF documents: