Do you want to change orientation (e.g. landscape, portrait) of a single or multiple pages in a Word document? GroupDocs.Merger for .NET allows you to do this with just a few lines of code.


Below are the steps to change page orientation:

  • Initialize OrientationOptions class with desired orientation mode and page numbers
  • Instantiate Merger objectwith source document path or stream
  • Call ChangeOrientation method and pass OrientationOptions object to it
  • Call Save method specifying file path to save resultant document

Code Implementation

[gist id=“0e88b7ea17c45581f7d9d70cdaf1cd35” name=““pageorientation.cs]

Have a look at the source DOCX file.

After changing orientation of first page (from portrait to landscape)

We have following helpful resources for you in order to get started:

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