Upcoming release of GroupDocs.Classification for .NET

GroupDocs.Classification for .NET allows you to classify document or text with IAB-2 or Document taxonomies. Have a look at the image below:

You can see how API classifies an input text to IAB-2. If you haven’t already explored the online app, visit it now.

Big News

We are going to launch GroupDocs.Classification API for .NET platform very soon. That means, whatever features you can avail/evaluate in the online app, will be available in a back-end API that you can integrate in any of your (existing or new) .NET application.

Is there any dependency?

No, all you have to do is to integrate a DLL in your application and start document or text classification. As this will be a back-end API. Hence, you can implement it in your web, console or desktop application.

Lets have a look at the basic API features:

  • Raw text classification
  • Document classification
  • Classifying documents with the next format

Supported document formats:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • OpenOffice
  • TXT

Official release of the API will be announced soon. Please stick to our blog for further updates and news.