We are living in a paper-less era. Everything in business has gone digital. If you are given a document (e.g. PDF, Word, Presentation) and asked to brief the sales achieved in 2018. What will you do? You will try to highlight or add arrow to the concerned text.

Supported Annotations

Following are the supported annotation types:

  • Area
  • Arrow
  • Distance
  • Ellipse
  • Link
  • Point

See full list of supported annotations in this article and list of supported file formats here.

Insert Annotation to PDF file using C#

In this post, we will see the implementation of arrow annotation in a PDF file. Arrow annotation draws an arrow on the document as shown in the picture below.

Arrow Annotation in a PDF file using Java

There is an ability to specify the next properties for ArrowAnnotation type:

  • Box - defines annotation position at document page
  • Opacity - allows to set annotation opacity
  • PenColor - defines frame color
  • PenStyle - defines frame line style (solid, dash, dot etc.)
  • PenWidth -  defines frame line width in pixels

Download our open-source example project to evaluate API features. If you face any issue, raise it on forum.