As all our records and documentations are facing a digital transformation. It has made it quite necessary for us to have a good knowledge of the tools that may help us in the long run. Annotation is one of those tools which may help you in adding the extra, yet necessary, piece of information into your documents.

Annotation helps readers in understanding the text in a better way. It also helps different people working on the same task to exchange their concerns regarding a piece of information in the document. It assists different users in commenting or replying through annotations to each other. Simply put, annotations have a wide range of utility.

GroupDocs.Annotation For .NET And Java

GroupDocs.Annotation is a powerful tool which helps in improving applications by adding annotation in the documents. It supports a wide range of documents along with the advantage of authorizing the user to annotate the supported formats in the form of textual comments, watermarks, polylines, redactions, highlighted notes, among others. It empowers the users to communicate their concerns and collaborate through comments.

Add Point Annotation In PDF

GroupDocs.Annotation offers multiple features to users. Some of these features include Area, Distance, Point, Polyline, Arrow, TextField, Watermark and Ellipse annotations. However, if you are looking for a way to specify the main text on which you are making the comment without creating any mess on the document, Point feature works the best. It helps you to stick comments to any point in a document without causing any harm to the content. In simple words, if you are looking forward to point a text in the document, you can always use the Point Annotation feature to fulfill your purpose. Some of the properties offered by this feature include Box, PageNumber, Type, CreatedOn and CreatorName.

Following example demonstrates how you can add point annotation into PDF using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET:

Java developers can add a point annotation into PDF using GroupDocs.Annotation for Java with following line of codes:

Following screenshot shows how the point annotation look likes in resultant document: