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December 2019

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Product News

Product News

Product News

Upcoming .NET API to classify your documents or text with IAB-2 or document taxonomies

The GroupDocs.Classification for .NET is going to be launched very soon. All you will have to do is integrate a DLL in your application and start document or text classification. As this will be a back-end API, you can implement it in your web, console or desktop applications. Read more details here.

GroupDocs free consulting services for customized projects

To extend our support services, we are starting the Free Consulting Services for you that will help you get free consultancy about how to use GroupDocs APIs in your projects

Free Consulting Services are for the customers who are looking to use our APIs but could not find how to get started. Also, there could be the case when you may find it difficult to implement a particular feature our API provides. In such cases, our experienced staff members would love to work with you to know your requirements and help you implement your desired functionality. Read more details here.

Search text or image signatures from documents in .NET with GroupDocs.Signature

Sometimes you need to scan a document to search if it is signed with a particular text or image. The manual inspection of the whole document or a bunch of documents is not an efficient way. To deal with such a case, we have introduced the feature of searching text or image signatures. Read more details here.

Hyperlinks in the documents prove to be useful in many cases, for example, adding links to bookmarks in Word documents, adding links to slides within PowerPoint presentations, inserting a link to cell (or a range of cells) in Excel spreadsheets, etc. Therefore, to handle the hyperlinks in the document automation process, please visit this article.

Add watermarks to password protected documents in .NET

GroupDocs.Watermark already supports adding watermarks to the password protected documents, however, we have further improved and simplified the usage of this feature. Please visit this article to get an insight.

From the Library

From the Library

From the Library

.NET code example: Build your full text search solution in C#

Full text search is basically a more advanced way to search a text/query over a collection of documents in a computer. This approach quickly finds all instances of a term and it works by using text indexes. One of the examples of full text search implementation is in Word processors and text editors. It helps you find a phrase or word anywhere in the document. Read more details here.

.NET code example: Create document viewer in ASP.NET Core MVC for 140+ file formats

The online document viewers have become popular after the grown usage of digital documents, especially in the content management systems. The reason behind this popularity is you can view a variety of document formats without purchasing or installing dedicated software programs. Read the article here to know how to create a universal document viewer application.

Case study: How to remove watermarks from PDF documents

If you are looking to create an application to delete watermark from a PDF document. This article is a good learning source for the C# programming developers.

.NET code example: Add arrow annotation in a PDF file using C#

If you are given a document (e.g. PDF, Word, Presentation) and asked to brief the sales achieved in 2018. What will you do? Read this article to get the solution for such cases.




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Product Releases and Updates

GroupDocs.Total for .NET – The latest versions of GroupDocs .NET APIs packaged into one product suite.

GroupDocs.Total for Java – The latest versions of GroupDocs Java APIs packaged into one product suite.

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