With the release of GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET v19.11 you can now monitor document conversion progress and status using C#. There are way many conversions supported by the API, that are listed in the documentation.

A new property Listener is added. The document converter listener implementation is used for monitoring conversion status and progress. Have a look at ConverterListener class that implements IConverterListenerinterface

[gist id=“a6cfd341a0c31ed4a4032930ca924cd0” name=“converterlistener.cs”]

Below is the usage

[gist id=“00650b814d3f850f96d0e2a497a52864” name = “listener.cs”]

Coming to the improvement, MPP to XLS conversion is improved. Previously, there was an issue in PNG image conversion (e.g. PNG to Word or Presentation). This issue is now fixed. There was another document conversion issue, a particular Word file to PDF with exception: Could not create the bitmap with the specified parameters. This bug is also resolved.

Get the latest version from the download section. If you want to evaluate API features, we have an open-source example project for you that could be downloaded from GitHub.