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Releasing GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 16.11.0 – Compare more than just Text in Documents


In order to enrich the document comparison experience, team GroupDocs is pleased to release GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 16.11.0 that comes with multitude of new features such as comparison of comments, WordArt objects, forms and many more. API also sums up a lot of improvements and bug fixes. We would recommend you to download latest release of the API and integrate it in your project.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 16.11.0 – New Features

API comes with following new features:
  • Added page numbers
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Releasing GroupDocs.Annotation for Java front end using Servlets

Logo ImageTeam groupdocs ecstatically releasing Annotation for Java Servlets based Front-end V1.2.0. Considering the valuable customers feedback, this release covers a lot of bug fixes and new features. GroupDocs users are free to customize and enhance the application by their own. This project is opensource and already published on GitHub.

GroupDocs.Annotaion for Java front-end V1.2.0

The GroupDocs.Annotation for Java front-end is a WYSIWYG editor designed to simplify annotating documents using GroupDocs.Annotation for Java API. It incorporates Java servlets at back-end… Continue Reading
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Launching Servlet based Front-end of GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 3.0.0

Logo ImageThe GroupDocs team is excitedly announcing the GroupDocs.Annotation Frontend for the Java Servlets developers. The purpose behind this release is to expedite the developers to understand the implementation of GroupDocs.Annotation or write their own document Annotation Application using GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 3.x.. It is an alpha release of the project but most important functionalities have been implemented in this release. GroupDocs users are free to customize and enhance the application by their own. This project is already published on … Continue Reading

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Spring Front-end of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java v16.11.0

GroupDocs Viewer for JavaTeam GroupDocs delightedly announcing another release of Spring front-end of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. The release includes fixes and improvements. We recommend to download and try the latest version. GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API have capabilities to render variety of documents into HTML, SVG and images to view them on different platforms. The Spring front-end is an open source example application so you can explore the API and learn that how to use the API in your own projects.

Viewer API

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GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 3.7.0 makes easy to render Email attachments and PDF document with layered content

GroupDocs Viewer for Java

Team GroupDocs is excitedly releasing a new version of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. Many of the new features have been introduced in GroupDocs.Viewer for Java¬†3.7.0, such as the¬†rendering of Email attachments and Rendering PDF document with layered content. Some of the important fixes about outstanding issues and improvements have also packed with this release. In order to enable all the rich features in your project please upgrade your document viewer applications with the latest version of the API. … Continue Reading

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Servlets based front-end Powered by GroupDocs.Conversion for Java

GroupDocs Conversion logoDocument conversion now becomes easier with GroupDocs.Conversion for Java front end. Team GroupDocs delightedly releasing the servlets based front end of the API, facilitating the user to explore all of the conversion functionalities of the API.

GroupDocs.Conversion front-end using Servlet

This front end simplify the process to convert any document format into other formats. It is a single page application which allows user to upload any document, select target format and click Convert, then user must allow browser to download… Continue Reading
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Simple JSP Front End example for GroupDocs.Viewer for Java users

GroupDocs Annotation logo We are excited to announce a simple front-end for GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API so newbies can start using it quickly, instead of learning the rich features and complexities provided in GroupDocs.Viewer for Java using Struts2 or GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Using Servlets.

Simplicity comes with many advantages and disadvantages. JSP front-end is a minimum implementation and demonstrates how simple it is to get started with GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. This removes features some useful features, like the user cannot download the … Continue Reading

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Inaugurating Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 3.1.0 – Simplifying Document Annotation

Launching GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 3.1.0

GroupDocs Annotation logo

The best just got better, Team GroupDocs is pleased to introduce the Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 3.1.0. This API has more advanced capabilities to annotate documents with area annotation, text highlight, text underline, text strikeout, watermarking, reply based comments and many more. The Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 3.1.0 is a UI less API to facilitate the developers to create any kind of application including Desktop, Web and cloud applications.

Why newer version

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