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A Senior Frontend developer working in Aspose who is writing technical blogs every now and then.

Bootstrap v3: What Has Changed in the New Version


In one of my previous articles I talked about using the Bootstrap CSS framework in web projects. Exactly 2 years after the very first release of Bootstrap to the open world by the ex-Twitter developers we have now Bootstrap v3 – the new version of the most popular CSS framework. I’m calling it the most popular because of the recently announced results from the meanpath source-code search engine which shows that 1% of websites nowadays are using Bootstrap.… Continue Reading
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Introducing Modernizr: a Feature Detection JavaScript Library

Progressive Enhancement

As for a lot of other big companies, at user experience is the most important thing taken into account when developing huge web products. The reasons are quite obvious. It really comes down to the design and user groups a web app targets when choosing cross-browser support and priorities. There is a web development practice called “Progressive Enhancement” which stands behind the idea that all users should have identical experience with websites. Unfortunately, nothing is ever ideal… Continue Reading
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Using HTML5 Boilerplate Template in Your Web Project


A few years ago, HTML 5 still wasn’t very well supported by most popular browsers so web sites were created mostly with XHTML or HTML4. I still have a folder on my machine filled with HTML templates for both XTML and HTML 4. Inside of it there are also templates for newsletters, micro-sites, responsive templates and whatnot. All of them were built by taking code from 2 or 3 different templates and look like Frankenstein’s code monster. Which is… Continue Reading
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Using Bootstrap With LESS CSS – Tutorial

As I mentioned in my article on how to optimize Bootstrap this post will explain the basic syntax and features that the LESS language has to offer which you’ll need to extend, edit or minify Bootstrap. Hopefully this tutorial will help you understand the basics of using Bootstrap with LESS. 

What Is LESS?

LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language which gives you more options and freedom when writing CSS. It helps you keep styles better organized, cascade styles more naturally… Continue Reading
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Using Bootstrap CSS Framework in Your Project

null is the most popular and widely used CSS framework and there is a good reason for its popularity. It gives developers well styled CSS for the elements used most in the modern web. Things like buttons, form controls, navigation and much, much more. Since it’s written in LESS it keeps the CSS of bigger projects such as GroupDocs well organized so it is easy to follow and maintain your CSS code. Bootstrap is mix of CSS style templates and… Continue Reading
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