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Convert Documents to Grayscale Image with different Options using C#

The first and foremost question in your mind could be, is it about converting an RGB image to Grayscale only? No, you can convert any supported file format (including images) to a black-and-white or gray monochrome image. The contrast ranges from black at the weakest intensity to white at the strongest.
See the below demonstration. We converted the first page of a PDF file to grayscale image. You can manage brightness, contrast, or gamma of the resultant image as well. … Continue Reading

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Remove or Delete Pages from Documents in C#

We’ll see how to remove a single page or a collection of specific page numbers from the source document in C# using GroupDocs.Merger for .NET. This is a back-end API that can be integrated into any new or existing .NET application without any dependency.

Does it require any software installation?

Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter if MS Office or any PDF reader is installed on your computer. Using a single GroupDocs.Merger for .NET DLL you can develop a web, … Continue Reading

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Control documents comparison sensitivity in Java

Document comparison is one of the most common procedure that is practiced almost in all of the digital businesses. And the objective is same, highlight the inserted or deleted items. Detect the style changes and generate a summary. Let’s see how GroupDocs.Comparison for Java can help us with this scenario. This is a back-end API that can be integrated in any Java application irrespective of the frameworks. Explore API documentation to learn more about the supported features and file formats.… Continue Reading

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Extracting pages from a document and saving them as a new file in C#

The first and foremost question in your mind could be, is it about PDF documents only? And the answer is, No. In this blog post we will see how simple yet helpful it is to extract pages from different kinds of documents (e.g. Word, Excel, Presentation, PDF, HTML, RTF) and save them as a new file using GroupDocs.Merger for .NET. Learn more about the supported file formats. Hence, the resultant document will possess only extracted pages.

Is there any software Continue Reading

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Annotate documents programmatically using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET

How about annotating a document programmatically? GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET offers a wide range of annotations (e.g. graphical, watermark, redaction, underline, etc.) that can be added in any supported document without third party software/tool installation.

If you are already using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET. You can migrate to version 19.9 because:

  • Annotator class introduced as a single entry point to manage the document annotating process to any supported file format
  • The overall rendering speed improved dramatically by saving rendered page as soon as
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Index each letter as a separate word using GroupDocs.Search for .NET

Are you looking for a full-text search API that allows you to search over a lot of document formats? In that case, GroupDocs.Search for .NET will meet your requirements. API creates index and then perform instant search across thousands of documents.

Those who are already working with the API, we have some new features and improvements. Moreover, some classes have been renamed to improve code readability. There are minor changes in the new version 19.10, so the migration will … Continue Reading

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Add Watermark to Documents while Conversion in C# or Java

Document conversion is one of the most frequent processes that endures across a lot of industries. Sometimes, it is the business need to put a watermark on the resultant document after conversion. For example, you want to convert a Word document to PDF or PowerPoint PPT/PPTX to PDF with a watermark (text or image) in all the PDF pages.

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and Java gives you such an option. It possesses a class WatermarkOptions with rich properties such as:

  • Text/Font
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Adjust Contrast when Converting a Document to Image

Up till now, there was a simple document to image conversion process. With the GroupDocs.Conversion for Java release version 19.10, we’ve added a number of interesting features for image conversion.

  • Set color mode when converting to JPEG
  • Option to set compression mode
  • Adjust image brightness and contrast
  • Set gamma
  • Option to flip image

Have a look at its implementation of the above features in Java

Conversion from CDR

CDR is a vector graphics file. API now allows you to … Continue Reading

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Introducing more simplified and improved GroupDocs.Merger for .NET

GroupDocs.Merger for .NET allows you to merge or manipulate document structure across a wide range of file formats. Those who are new to this API, you can join several documents into one, split single document to multiple documents, reorder or replace document pages, change page orientation and manage document password.

Version 19.9 is a major release. We totally restructured the API and below are the reasons to migrate:

  • Merger class introduced as a single entry point to manage the
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Add Password Protection To Word Or PDF Files In C#

Everything is going digital. There are outstanding products/tools to pull you into the paperless era. We share information across companies or anywhere in the form of different file formats. It could be a Spreadsheets, PDF documents, or any of the MS Office formats. But the biggest threat is security. Let’s understand this with a use-case.  

How to Add Password to PDF in C#?

You want to secure a Spreadsheet, Presentation, Word or a PDF file on a machine where … Continue Reading

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