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Insert OLE Objects in Word, Excel, PowerPoint with C#

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding. It is provided by Microsoft and allows you to create and edit documents containing items or objects that are created by various applications.

As an example, you can embed spreadsheets, images, and sound clips as OLE objects in a Word document. You can use these OLE objects in the Word document and do not worry about switching to multiple applications again and again. You can embed or insert such objects programmatically using … Continue Reading

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Change page orientation of a Word document in C#

Do you want to change orientation (e.g. landscape, portrait) of a single or multiple pages in a Word document? GroupDocs.Merger for .NET allows you to do this with just a few lines of code.


Below are the steps to change page orientation:

  • Initialize OrientationOptions class with desired orientation mode and page numbers
  • Instantiate Merger objectwith source document path or stream
  • Call ChangeOrientation method and pass OrientationOptions object to it
  • Call Save method specifying file path to save resultant document
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Move Pages in PDF using GroupDocs.Merger for .NET and Java

If you are a regular user of Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF documents, you can understand how struggling the task of typing up these documents is. Considering the efforts that requires just in the area of typing, formatting and correcting the layout is significantly difficult as it usually requires multiple clicks to complete a simple task of formatting.

Although some documents tool creates new pages automatically, as needed, but it is quite difficult to move pages within the documents. … Continue Reading

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Remove or Delete Pages from Documents in C#

We’ll see how to remove a single page or a collection of specific page numbers from the source document in C# using GroupDocs.Merger for .NET. This is a back-end API that can be integrated into any new or existing .NET application without any dependency.

Does it require any software installation?

Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter if MS Office or any PDF reader is installed on your computer. Using a single GroupDocs.Merger for .NET DLL you can develop a web, … Continue Reading

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Extracting pages from a document and saving them as a new file in C#

The first and foremost question in your mind could be, is it about PDF documents only? And the answer is, No. In this blog post we will see how simple yet helpful it is to extract pages from different kinds of documents (e.g. Word, Excel, Presentation, PDF, HTML, RTF) and save them as a new file using GroupDocs.Merger for .NET. Learn more about the supported file formats. Hence, the resultant document will possess only extracted pages.

Is there any software Continue Reading

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Introducing more simplified and improved GroupDocs.Merger for .NET

GroupDocs.Merger for .NET allows you to merge or manipulate document structure across a wide range of file formats. Those who are new to this API, you can join several documents into one, split single document to multiple documents, reorder or replace document pages, change page orientation and manage document password.

Version 19.9 is a major release. We totally restructured the API and below are the reasons to migrate:

  • Merger class introduced as a single entry point to manage the
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Join Images using GroupDocs.Merger for Java 19.8

With the new release of GroupDocs.Merger for Java 19.8 you can take your document joining experience to the next level.
What is special about this release?
We are pleased to announce that you can now do image joining. And following are the supported image formats:

  • BMP
  • PNG
  • TIFF

How easy is that?
Let’s understand this with a use-case. We’ll join a BMP and TIFF file.

New Format Support
API now fully supports HTML format.

We’d recommend you to download the … Continue Reading

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Get Image Representation of a Document

Did you ever wish to get image representation of a document? GroupDocs.Merger for Java 19.6 will make your wish come true. This feature is also helpful for front end application development.

Let’s have a look at its implementation.

It will return page number and page stream. Using getPagePreview method you will get list of page image representations for a document of known format. So, source document file format should be specified.
But what will happen if you don’t specify file … Continue Reading

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Support for Diagrams in GroupDocs.Merger

GroupDocs Editor for .NET

GroupDocs.Merger now supports diagram formats such as VSDFX, VSDM, VSSX, VSSM and VTX . It allows you to swap, rotate or trim pages in diagrams. Apart for that, you can also set or remove password protection of diagrams. This API comes in both Java and .NET platforms and could be integrated in any your .NET or Java application without any dependency.

Features for Diagrams Format

Swap Pages:

This feature allows you to exchange the position of two pages in the … Continue Reading

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RotatePages Support in Diagram Formats

Page rotation mechanism is one of the fundamental techniques when it comes to document manipulation and modification. As you know this feature is already supported by the API but for the limited file formats. Hence, in this month’s release of GroupDocs.Merger for Java 19.2, we implemented this feature for Diagram formats. By defining page number(s) and rotation angle you can achieve the purpose. Let’s see how simple it is.

We also added SwapPages support for Note format.

Bug Fixes

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