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We are at GroupDocs glad to announce another release of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET v17.9.0 API. This monthly release is adding support for new exciting features like Bidirectional Content to rotate different content in left and right direction. Most of the changes are done for words document format along with adding support for Export Language Metadata. This release is also adding features to export Fonts and document export in PDF format. In this monthly release we have also done some improvements and bug fixes. We recommend our users to download latest API and get benefits from new and enhanced API features.

.NET Document Editing API - New Features and Changes

This monthly release of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET 17.9.0 introducing seven new features like support for “background textures and shadings” and “SVG image format” also including six improvements along with five fixes. Here is the list of changes made in new release.

Document Editor API - New Features

  • Implement saving into PDF
  • Ability to set password on output PDF
  • Add support of spell check in GroupDocs.Editor
  • Support of bidirectional text
  • Implement bidirectional support of tables
  • Support for bidirectional lists
  • Font extraction from Words document

GroupDocs.Ediotr for .NET API - Improvements

  • Add support of table textures
  • Implement shading textures and color in text runs
  • Added new types of fields
  • Support of paragraph foreground and background color
  • Underline.Words feature
  • Completely rework the recognition and validation of TTF font resources

Fixes - .NET Document Editor API

  • Fill missing xml-doc comments for public namespaces, classes, properties and methods
  • Fixed bug in Font-processor
  • Duplicate CSS declarations
  • Issue with single-child SDTs
  • Bug in font parser

For more details on the supported feature, please visit the article: Supported File Formats

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