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Annotate PDF and Other Documents Online in Drupal Webpages

We’re excited to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Drupal. The plugin lets you embed documents into Drupal webpages to review and annotate them through a browser. So, annotate PDF or other files online and enjoy the benefits of collaborative review. GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based application used to share and review documents. Different annotation options allows you to make comments or suggestions in different ways. From strikeouts to ‘point notes’, comments and drawings, GroupDocs Annotation lets… Continue Reading
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PDF Annotation, Word Annotation and Others in Joomla with GroupDocs Annotation Plugin

We are excited to launch the GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Joomla. Our annotation plugin lets you embed documents to Joomla sites and allows PDF annotation, Microsoft Word annotation, and annotation of other files easily. GroupDocs Annotation simplifies document review and collaboration between teams. The powerful tool lets you add comments, draw text, strikeout content to Word, PDF or any image file through a browser. Share documents online with your colleagues for faster review and approval process. GroupDocs Annotation… Continue Reading
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Announcing New Features of the GroupDocs’ Annotation App

GroupDocs Annotation┬áis a web-based app that allows users to annotate PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents online, from a web-browser. With this app, you and your colleagues and partners can review and annotate a document simultaneously, in real time. We’re constantly working to improve the app’s interface and would like to introduce a new set of features we’ve recently designed and implemented.

Add and Manage Notes

GroupDocs Annotation lets you add notes throughout a document which show up as… Continue Reading
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