Compare Multiple CSV Files in Java - Accept, Reject or Highlight Changes

In this article, we will learn to compare more than two CSV in Java. Additionally, we will discuss how to compare the password-protected CSV files. Finally, how to accept and reject the found changes within Java application using the document comparison API.
July 29, 2022 · 4 min · Shoaib Khan

Compare CSV Files in Java

CSV files data is basically comma-separated values and it is very difficult to read such data in raw format. However, when these files are viewed using any of the well-known editors like Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or LibreOffice that support CSV format, it becomes quite easy to manipulate CSV files. Even then, what about if you want to compare two large CSV files for their difference in data? Let’s do it programmatically. This article quickly covers the basic way how to compare two CSV files in Java.
July 16, 2022 · 2 min · Shoaib Khan