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Introducing All-New GroupDocs.Signature for Java API

We are back with a major update for our customers who are using the eSign API – GroupDocs.Signature for Java. We have performed major product optimization and revamped the architecture which has made the API more memory efficient and easy to use. We have also added the support of a couple of new file formats. Let’s have an overview of this amazing release and check out what you would get after upgrading to API v2.

What is New in

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Introducing a More Optimized and Simplified Electronic Signature API

Why change is considered as a hard but yet good thing to occur? Why the updates are important? This is because if there is no change there is no progress and staying the same over the time makes the things die. The updates in the software components are also similar when a new version of the same software replaces the old one. A software that remains the same and doesn’t introduce any improvements or new features becomes obsolete. This is … Continue Reading

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GroupDocs.Signature for Java 19.5 Supports Rounded Corners for Stamp Signature

Many people use stamps as part of their documents to mark them as approved or completed. For example, when a document is to be signed by the concerned person at a company, he puts his signature as well as stamps the document as a proof that the document is signed by the authorized person. In other words, the stamps are used to seal the document that is being exchanged among multiple persons/parties.

Various companies use digital signatures to sign their … Continue Reading

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Integration of Efficient Online Signature App with Multiple Platforms

Attention to all who still follow the traditional signing process! Now it’s high time to change to online signature process as it saves your time and effort. In addition, it’s a tribute to your ecosystem by going completely green via a paperless office. To speed up this process, GroupDocs has introduced its powerful online signature add-on for multiple platforms. By installing this online signature service add-on, you can embed documents as digital forms and then collect signatures online from … Continue Reading

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GroupDocs Apps v2.3 – Features and Fixes

We’ve implemented a few new features as well as fixed some major and minor bugs lately. Let’s have a detailed look:

GroupDocs Annotation

Features Implemented
  • Major
  • [ANNOTATION-194] Annotation v.2. The resizing of Typewriter text fields and Watermarks
  • [ANNOTATION-195] Annotation v.2.Text color selection for Typewriter text fields and Watermarks
  • [ANNOTATION-196] Embedded application header customization feature
  • [ANNOTATION-197] Embedded application toolbar customization
  • [ANNOTATION-199] Custom cursors for embedded annotation tools configuration
  • [ANNOTATION-182] Full synchronization of Annotation instances
  • [ANNOTATION-201] Proper error-handling in embedded applications
  • [ANNOTATION-198]
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