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Image file Annotation with GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET

GroupDocs team is excited to announce another amazing monthly release where new document format is added in supported format list, Now Image file Annotation is also introduced. The latest GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET provides support all major annotation types like (Text, Area, Point, Watermark, Strikeout Annotations etc) for Image file along with improvements and fixes. We recommend that download the latest API release to add new exciting features and enhance your application with GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET.

Annotation API for .NET –

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GroupDocs Apps Suite: Online Document Management and Collaboration Made Easy

Businesses relish the economic opportunities SaaS and cloud based platforms offer. Organizations worldwide are reacting to a shift in the document management space. Lawmakers in various countries stresses the need to save documents and files online, rather than the traditional way: paper. Different verticals such as pharmaceuticals, IT, and banking have started implementing and harnessing the benefits from online document management. There are many advantages: digital file storing and sharing is safe and secure, protects unauthorized use through security layers,… Continue Reading
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Annotate, Sign and Convert Documents Online Using GroupDocs’ Document Management Solutions

Fast changing trends in technology require professionals and organizations to adapt and stay abreast. Organizations with a large number of employees focus on productivity to generate revenues, whereas professionals and consultants look for utility and cost. In the 90s there were limited options for document management, except for Microsoft Word – an editing software. Now, things have changed and there are many alternatives available. However, certain apps have compelling features and fit your requirements but may not provide other features.… Continue Reading
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How to Integrate and Use GroupDocs’ Online Signature Plugin with Google Chrome

We have published a GroupDocs’ Signature plugin for Chrome. This online signature add-on provides GroupDocs users with a slick interface for signing documents from within Gmail. GroupDocs’ online signature plugin gives you the ability to sign documents online in Gmail emails, without having to install bulky office software. When you need to sign a document, GroupDocs Signature opens it for you. With the plugin, you no longer have to log in to the GroupDocs website to view a document. When… Continue Reading
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Annotate PDF and Other Documents Online in Drupal Webpages

We’re excited to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Drupal. The plugin lets you embed documents into Drupal webpages to review and annotate them through a browser. So, annotate PDF or other files online and enjoy the benefits of collaborative review. GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based application used to share and review documents. Different annotation options allows you to make comments or suggestions in different ways. From strikeouts to ‘point notes’, comments and drawings, GroupDocs Annotation lets… Continue Reading
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How to Create a Simple Application Using the GroupDocs’ JavaScript SDK

In this article I’ll walk you thorough the process of creating a simple JavaScript application which shows files and directories from your GroupDocs account. Lets start by creating a package from the GroupDocs JavaScript SDK sources. You can skip this step and get the full SDK package from GitHub and a minimal SDK package.

Creating a Package

  1. You need Node.js installed on you computer. Read more about installation Node.js. When Node.js is on your computer you can start
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GroupDocs Apps v2.5 and v2.7 – Features and Fixes

We’ve implemented a few new features as well as fixed some major and minor bugs lately. Let’s have a detailed look:

GroupDocs Annotation

Features Implemented
  • Major
  • [training:ANNOTATION – 233] Show Document Name option for embedded Annotation.
  • Minor
    • [training:ANNOTATION-243] A redirect to annotation v2.0 for annotations v1.0 requests.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Critical:
      • [training:ANNOTATION-239] Annotation v.2. An error occurs: “Parameter is not valid. at System.Drawing.Image.FromStream”.
      • [training:ANNOTATION-240] Annotation v.2. Text can’t be selected when using the text annotation tool.
      • [training:ANNOTATION-241] Annotation v.2. When moving
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    GroupDocs Newsletter June 2013: GroupDocs Viewer for .NET and GroupDocs Signature UX Enhancements

    May was a busy month for us here at GroupDocs. There were plenty enhancements in the pipeline and we’re excited to announce that we’ve successfully completed the roadmap for May. Most importantly, the release of the early access version of GroupDocs Viewer for .NET marked a key milestone in our history. GroupDocs’ document viewer for .NET is a powerful ASP.NET DLL version with similar functionality as our online GroupDocs Viewer app. It lets you Install GroupDocs Viewer as… Continue Reading
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    How to Use the GetChanges Method from the Comparison Api to Return a List of Changes in a Document

    This article explains how to use the GetChanges method from the ComparisonApi in the GroupDocs SDK.


    We already know how to install the Fatfree framework and prepare for creating the sample from a previous article. The sample that we create in this article is not much different from other… Continue Reading
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    GroupDocs Released an Intro Video to Visually Describe its Online Document Viewer – the First in A Series!

    Great news for all! We’re glad to announce that GroupDocs has introduced the first video in its series: How to view office documents online using GroupDocs Viewer. It’s an intro video for our efficient online document viewer app. In this video, you’ll find the features of GroupDocs Viewer and the methods to view documents online regardless of their format. This video is available on GroupDocs’ YouTube channel. null We’ve plans to introduce more videos in the coming weeks. The… Continue Reading
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