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GroupDocs.Signature for Java 19.5 Supports Rounded Corners for Stamp Signature

Many people use stamps as part of their documents to mark them as approved or completed. For example, when a document is to be signed by the concerned person at a company, he puts his signature as well as stamps the document as a proof that the document is signed by the authorized person. In other words, the stamps are used to seal the document that is being exchanged among multiple persons/parties.

Various companies use digital signatures to sign their … Continue Reading

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GroupDocs.Signature for .NET 1.5.0 released

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET LibraryWe’re pleased to announce the release of GroupDocs.Signature for .NET 1.5.0. This release of our e-signature library for .NET focuses on improving existing functionality and fixing issues. To that end, this release includes 19 fixes. GroupDocs.Signature is a convenient e-signature library that allows developers to add legally binding digital signature features to their applications. To help you get started quickly, it even comes with a fully customizable user interface.


We’re adding a document preparation viewer to the user interface.… Continue Reading
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Online Signature Plugin from GroupDocs Now Available for Google Chrome

Google Chrome users have a reason to get excited. We’ve announced the launch of the GroupDocs Signature plugin for Chrome. This online signature plugin lets you share documents from your Gmail account and collect signatures online. Open the document, upload the signature and send it via email. It takes only seconds to sign documents. Compatibility with popular file-formats is an important feature of the application. GroupDocs Signature is an online signature app that supports signing and sending business documents through… Continue Reading
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How to Streamline Your Document Signing Using Online Signature?

A steady document signing process is the back bone of any contract-oriented organization. Conventional signing process leaves you with piles of signed documents, difficult to handle and archive. Also, the documents are passed around different departments, either getting lost or eating up too much time delaying the signing process. Online signature is the answer to all these concerns.

Save your time and effort with GroupDocs’ online signature

Say good bye to lost signed documents and tons of paper piling up… Continue Reading
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Integration of Efficient Online Signature App with Multiple Platforms

Attention to all who still follow the traditional signing process! Now it’s high time to change to online signature process as it saves your time and effort. In addition, it’s a tribute to your ecosystem by going completely green via a paperless office. To speed up this process, GroupDocs has introduced its powerful online signature add-on for multiple platforms. By installing this online signature service add-on, you can embed documents as digital forms and then collect signatures online from … Continue Reading

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GroupDocs February, 2013 Newsletter – GroupDocs Introduced Efficient E-Signature Plugins for Multiple Platforms

We continued to integrate GroupDocs with many different platforms last month. Most importantly, we launched new, powerful plugins for our online app for various CMSs. Integrating GroupDocs’ online signature app plugin into your website lets you collect digital signatures by embedding documents as digital forms. In addition, we introduced GroupDocs’ document viewer add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We’re planning to introduce more plugins on more platforms in the coming month. Our developers are constantly enhancing the apps at… Continue Reading
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