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Search Text or Image Signatures in Documents using GroupDocs.Signature for .NET 19.10

C# .NET Digital Signature API

With the release of version 19.10 of our electronic signature APIGroupDocs.Signature for .NET, we have introduced the features of searching text signatures and image signatures in the supported document formats. Not only this, the API now supports .NET Standard 2.0 which makes it compatible with any .NET implementation that targets .NET Standard specifications. So let’s have a brief overview of what is new, improved or fixed in the latest release.

Searching Text or Image Signatures

Text and … Continue Reading

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Introducing a More Optimized and Simplified Electronic Signature API

Why change is considered as a hard but yet good thing to occur? Why the updates are important? This is because if there is no change there is no progress and staying the same over the time makes the things die. The updates in the software components are also similar when a new version of the same software replaces the old one. A software that remains the same and doesn’t introduce any improvements or new features becomes obsolete. This is … Continue Reading

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GroupDocs.Signature for Java 19.5 Supports Rounded Corners for Stamp Signature

Many people use stamps as part of their documents to mark them as approved or completed. For example, when a document is to be signed by the concerned person at a company, he puts his signature as well as stamps the document as a proof that the document is signed by the authorized person. In other words, the stamps are used to seal the document that is being exchanged among multiple persons/parties.

Various companies use digital signatures to sign their … Continue Reading

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Online Signature Plugin from GroupDocs Now Available for Google Chrome

Google Chrome users have a reason to get excited. We’ve announced the launch of the GroupDocs Signature plugin for Chrome. This online signature plugin lets you share documents from your Gmail account and collect signatures online. Open the document, upload the signature and send it via email. It takes only seconds to sign documents. Compatibility with popular file-formats is an important feature of the application. GroupDocs Signature is an online signature app that supports signing and sending business documents through… Continue Reading
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How to Streamline Your Document Signing Using Online Signature?

A steady document signing process is the back bone of any contract-oriented organization. Conventional signing process leaves you with piles of signed documents, difficult to handle and archive. Also, the documents are passed around different departments, either getting lost or eating up too much time delaying the signing process. Online signature is the answer to all these concerns.

Save your time and effort with GroupDocs’ online signature

Say good bye to lost signed documents and tons of paper piling up… Continue Reading
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Working with Groupdocs Signature API from Ruby

Today we will find out how to use GroupDocs’ Ruby SDK. We will create a GroupDocs Signature envelope sample with the Sinatra framework. GroupDocs Signature envelopes are used to prepare documents for digital signature and managing the signature process.

Setting Up

First, create the application folders structure:
  • your_app/public – for CSS files.
  • your_app/samples – for sample files.
  • your_app/views – for view files, we will use Haml for these.
Also we need to create a Gemfile in our project’s root directory… Continue Reading
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