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Generate Reports from CSV Data in Java

The Comma Separated Values (CSV) is a file format for storing the data in the form of plain text where the values are separated by commas. CSV is widely used for exchanging data among applications. As a developer, we often need to convert the large CSV data into a presentable format. This article will guide you to convert CSV data into PDF and MS Word reports in Java using a simple template.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • Report Generation Java API
  • Generate PDF Report from CSV Data
  • Generate MS Word Report from CSV data
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Restart the List Numbering Dynamically within Your Document

Nested or the multi-level numbered lists allow you to group the items based on the parent item. Put it simply, you can separately list the items under each group. This becomes very useful when you have to list the items having multiple sub-items. Let’s have a look at the following figure which makes it simpler to understand the scenario.

In this figure, you can observe that there are listed 3 groups and each group further has multiple items listed under … Continue Reading

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