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How to Use Swagger UI to Test GroupDocs REST API

The GroupDocs APIs are designed to be REST compliant so that they are familiar and easy to use. This post looks at how to use Swagger to test the GroupDocs APIs. Before showing you how to run a test, it explains Swagger and REST, and why we use them. Why we use Swagger and REST Swagger is a specification and a framework for building interactive API documentation and sandboxes, and to generate the code of an API client. Swagger (http://swagger.wordnik.com/) …

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Integration for Zapier – How to Create a Custom Trigger

Zapier allows seamless integration with dozens of APIs. In this post I’ll explain how to create an integration with the GroupDocs Storage API. Put simply the process of integration with Zapier is Read -> Process -> Write. The left side of the integration is called a trigger and the right side is an action. The central process simply converts your API response to a format suitable for the write action. We are going to create a trigger for new files. …

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