Manipulate Metadata Properties in Documents with All-New GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET

We have a major update for our customers who are using our metadata manipulation API - GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET. We have revamped the architecture of the API to improve and simplify the process of reading, updating, searching or removing the metadata properties from the documents. So let’s take a tour of version 19.11. Why do you need to upgrade? You should upgrade to the latest release because: The_ Metadata_ class is introduced as a single entry point to manage metadata in all supported formats.
November 29, 2019 · 2 min · Usman Aziz

Best Practices in Metadata Management

Before going in-depth to Metadata management, let’s discuss what the metadata is? The Metadata summarizes basic information about data. In other words, it’s an information which describes the data that contained in something like a web page, document, or file. Another way to think of metadata is as a short explanation or summary of what the data is. A simple example of metadata for a document might include a collection of information like the author, file size, date the document was created, and keywords to describe the document.
September 3, 2019 · 3 min · Muhammad Umar