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Add Point Annotation in Documents using .NET and Java API

As all our records and documentations are facing a digital transformation. It has made it quite necessary for us to have a good knowledge of the tools that may help us in the long run. Annotation is one of those tools which may help you in adding the extra, yet necessary, piece of information into your documents.

Annotation helps readers in understanding the text in a better way. It also helps different people working on the same task to exchange … Continue Reading

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Process the Microsoft Outlook Email Attachments in a .NET Viewer Application

An ‘attachment’ is a file such as a document or a photo that is attached to an email. It’s easy to attach pictures, files, contacts, emails and many other items to your Outlook messages. If you selected a file on your local computer or group document library for the attachment purpose, a copy of the file is attached to the email.

The case: A software developer is making a document viewing application. Although, his application is capable to render the MS … Continue Reading

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Restart the List Numbering Dynamically within Your Document

Nested or the multi-level numbered lists allow you to group the items based on the parent item. Put it simply, you can separately list the items under each group. This becomes very useful when you have to list the items having multiple sub-items. Let’s have a look at the following figure which makes it simpler to understand the scenario.

In this figure, you can observe that there are listed 3 groups and each group further has multiple items listed under … Continue Reading

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Updated PDF Structure Introduced in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 17.11

Team GroupDocs.ComparisonGroupDocs is glad to announce another monthly release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET v17.11. This release includes some improvements and fixes. The API now allows style changes for deep comparison in Note document format. Document comparison API also made improvements related to the PDF document format beside improving Note and Word formats. Please click here to download the latest API and check out all the latest improvements made to the REST API in this release.

.NET Comparison API v17.11

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New release for MVC Front End for GroupDocs.Editor for .NET

GroupDocs Editor for .NET

Great news for ASP.NET Developers, GroupDocs proudly announces latest release for GroupDocs.Editor for .NET MVC Modern Front End. In this v1.1 we have used modern Template in ASP.NET MVC. This new release is simple, efficient and, user friendly. User can convert Word Document to Html and convert updated Html to Word/PDF Document and download. View the HTML in WYSIWYG Editor and perform editing in HTML file. We would recommend you to download this release and provide your … Continue Reading

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Email Formats Enhanced Support Introduced in GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET 17.9 API

Team GroupDocs is glad to announce another release of document report generation API version 17.9 also known as GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET API. The latest release adds enhanced support of existing features to the API, the most important changes are done to support document assembly for Email file formats and also providing bug fixes. For a better experience with the API, we recommend you to download the latest release and try out the bug fixes provided in the latest version of
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Bidirectional Content & Export Metadata – Introduced in GroupDocs.Editor for .NET v17.9.0 API

GroupDocs Editor for .NET

We are at GroupDocs glad to announce another release of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET v17.9.0 API. This monthly release is adding support for new exciting features like Bidirectional Content to rotate different content in left and right direction. Most of the changes are done for words document format along with adding support for Export Language Metadata. This release is also adding features to export Fonts and document export in PDF format. In this monthly release we have also done … Continue Reading

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Email to HTML Conversion Introduced in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET v17.9.0


GroupDocs team is glad to announce monthly release of .NET Document Conversion API v17.9.0. In this monthly release new document conversion features like Convert from email to HTML document and email to diagram are introduced. This release is also including major fixes and improvements. We recommend our users to download the new release and use the new exciting features to enhance their application.

.NET Document Conversion API – Major Changes

This monthly release of GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 17.9.0 introducing… Continue Reading
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Compare OneNote document using GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET API v17.8.0


GroupDocs team is glad to announce another monthly release of Document Comparison for .NET API v17.8.0 with some new features like adding support for OneNote document comparison and comparison of header and footer for cells file format and also adding support for pivot tables in cells. This monthly release is also including improvements like HyperLinks on Shape in slides file format along with fixes. Major Changes are done for OneNote, Cells and Slides document formats. Detailed information is listed … Continue Reading

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