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Online Document Viewer Add-on from GroupDocs is Now Available for Mozilla Firefox

We’re glad to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Viewer add-on for Mozilla Firefox. This add-on allows you to embed documents using a Firefox browser. Access your GroupDocs account without having to log in each time you want to manage files. GroupDocs’ online document viewer allows you to view, read, and share documents easily and effectively. Managing cross-version issues and file format compatibility are some of the issues that GroupDocs Viewer overcomes. Now Firefox users can share Microsoft Word, PDF… Continue Reading
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How to Use GroupDocs’ Online Document Viewer Plugin with Google Chrome

We have published a GroupDocs’ online document viewer plugin for Chrome. This add-on provides GroupDocs users with a slick interface for viewing documents right in the Chrome browser. GroupDocs’ Online Document Viewer gives you the ability to view documents and images right in your web browser, without having to install bulky office software. Whether you need to view a text document, an image or a PowerPoint presentation, GroupDocs’ online document viewer opens it for you. The list of supported file… Continue Reading
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Online Document Viewer for Google Chrome is Now Available from GroupDocs

GroupDocs’ Online Document Viewer Plugin for Google Chrome

We are excited to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Chrome. Install the plugin to Chrome to view and share documents. It helps you support a wide range of file formats without any having to install new software. GroupDocs Viewer is an online document viewer and allows viewing of Word, PDF, images and other files easily. Now Chrome users can read various documents through their browser. Embed a document… Continue Reading
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How to Install and Use GroupDocs’ Online Document Viewer Plugin for Alfresco on Linux

Let me show you how to install and use GroupDocs online document viewer plugin for Alfresco CMS on Linux.


  • Java jdk
  • Java jre
  • Alfresco
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin
  • Apache Tomcat
  • PostGRE SQL


First of all, you should have Alfresco CMS installed in your machine. Download and install a community version if you don’t have one already. Alfresco is a Java CMS, so we need Apache tomcat and PostGRE SQL installed. But don’t worry! you don’t need to install them… Continue Reading
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GroupDocs Newsletter June 2013: GroupDocs Viewer for .NET and GroupDocs Signature UX Enhancements

May was a busy month for us here at GroupDocs. There were plenty enhancements in the pipeline and we’re excited to announce that we’ve successfully completed the roadmap for May. Most importantly, the release of the early access version of GroupDocs Viewer for .NET marked a key milestone in our history. GroupDocs’ document viewer for .NET is a powerful ASP.NET DLL version with similar functionality as our online GroupDocs Viewer app. It lets you Install GroupDocs Viewer as… Continue Reading
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GroupDocs Released an Intro Video to Visually Describe its Online Document Viewer – the First in A Series!

Great news for all! We’re glad to announce that GroupDocs has introduced the first video in its series: How to view office documents online using GroupDocs Viewer. It’s an intro video for our efficient online document viewer app. In this video, you’ll find the features of GroupDocs Viewer and the methods to view documents online regardless of their format. This video is available on GroupDocs’ YouTube channel. null We’ve plans to introduce more videos in the coming weeks. The… Continue Reading
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Annotate PDF, Word and Other Files in TextPattern Using the GroupDocs Annotation Plugin

TextPattern users have a reason to get excited – we have launched GroupDocs’ annotation plugin for TextPattern. Embed documents to TextPattern pages and use our tool to annotate PDF, Microsoft Word, or other files easily. GroupDocs Annotation makes document reviewing and collaboration simple and its powerful set of annotation options scores high with our users. Our annotation plugin lets you share documents online with global teams and help them engage in group tasks. This platform-independent tool optimizes task… Continue Reading
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GroupDocs Newsletter May 2013: GroupDocs Comparison CMS Integration and GroupDocs Viewer for .NET

GroupDocs extended the reach of its powerful Comparison app to a whole host of CMSs last month, in addition to enhancing its app UIs. May is an exciting month for GroupDocs as we’re about to launch GroupDocs Viewer for .NET, a ASP.NET DLL version of our online document viewer for the .NET platform. This lets you use GroupDocs Viewer as part of your .NET systems. Tabular data merging in Assembly and a pressure-sensitive signing pad for GroupDocs Signature are… Continue Reading
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How to Merge Data Fields from a DOCX File with a Data Source and Output to PDF

This article explains how to get the fields from a template DOCX file, fill them with data and merge to new PDF file using GroupDocs.


We already know how to install the Fatfree framework and prepare for creating the sample from the previous article. The sample that we create in… Continue Reading
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Two Ways of Uploading Files into a GroupDocs Account

Working with GroupDocs SDK we usually need a GUID to work with a document. But it’s not very comfortable for users to work with GUIDs. So in your app, you can use two methods to upload a file to a GroupDocs account and get it’s GUID programmatically.


We already know how… Continue Reading
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