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Introducing GroupDocs’ New Online Signature App Dashboard

The GroupDocs team is proud to introduce a brand new dashboard for its online signature app. The user interface is significantly improved: both design and functionality were modified in order to make the GroupDocs Signature Dashboard more intuitive, user-friendly and convenient for a fast and hassle-free online document signing process. Let’s have a closer look at the new features of the GroupDocs Signature Dashboard.

Simple Workflow

The online signature application guides you through each and every step of the online… Continue Reading
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GroupDocs’ Online Signature App Dashboard: The New Look and Feel

We’re constantly working to improve the functionality and user interface of our online document management apps. Today we introduce our online signature app’s new user interface. The changes we are about to discuss are coming within the next weeks.

An Overview of the New Online Signature App Interface

The new GroupDocs Signature dashboard will look a lot like the main GroupDocs dashboard so it will feel familiar to GroupDocs users. We developed a completely new workflow which leads you through… Continue Reading
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Announcing The New GroupDocs’ Online Signature Service Features

GroupDocs Signature is an online signature service that lets you collect signatures without the administrative overhead of printing, stuffing envelopes and posting. Simply email documents to your signers and wait for them to be signed. GroupDocs’ online signature app is platform and software independent: the only thing a user needs to sign a document is a web browser, no additional software is required.

The current GroupDocs Signature dashboard lets you upload documents and send them to be signed in minutes.… Continue Reading
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Why Use an Online Signature Application?

In the digital world e-signature is actively replacing the traditional way of signing documents. Today, you can find a large number of online signature services on the market. All of them intend to help people sign documents online, using only a web browser. If you’re wondering why such applications are so popular, and what benefits they provide, this article is for you.

The Benefits of an Online Signature Application

Save Time

The normal process of signing a contract includes updating… Continue Reading
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What You Expect from an Online Signature Service

We’ve already talked about the benefits of an online signature application. Now we know that a reliable online signature service provides a legal and secure method of signing documents online and helps users increase their productivity in terms of time and money. With this in mind, let’s have a closer look at the online document signing process and find out more about GroupDocs’ online signature app.

A Typical Process of Signing a Document with an Online Signature App

A… Continue Reading
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How to Use GroupDocs’ Online Signature App to Sign a Document

In one of our previous articles we discussed how a typical online signature service works and took a brief look at GroupDocs’ online signature app. Today we’ll see how this application helps you to sign a document online step by step. This article doesn’t cover all the features of the app, just the basics you need to know to sign a document online. Please Note: to start using GroupDocs’ online signature service, you need to register with us first.… Continue Reading
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