The Web 2.0 era has brought consumers and organizations closer. Consumers are active in community forums, blogs or other information-sharing platforms to discuss their tastes and preferences. Closer relationships with their customers has helped organizations understand buyer’s behavior and devise new products faster. Growing Internet penetration ensures that organizations who share, collaborate and reach out to their customers have a competitive edge. Managing documents effectively is important for businesses to increase the transaction cycle. Every aspect of document management, from collecting and storing information, accepting quotes and requesting signatures, requires sound management practices. Before the dawn of the information age, businesses had limited options and had to buy standalone products to achieve document management tasks. [caption id=“attachment_3774” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Benefit from GroupDocs’ Document Assembly and Online Signature Apps”]Benefit from GroupDocs’ Document Assembly and Online Signature Apps [/caption] In today’s world, what appeals to us the most when we buy a product? Variety, benefits, utility, and cost. GroupDocs’ apps suite offers compelling document management features that let you address specific requirements and complete tasks easily. View, annotate, sign, assemble, compare, and convert documents online. How can GroupDocs’ apps suite solve real-world problems? Let’s look at how it helped Tom. Tom works as a marketing manager for a leading firm in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector. His job involves meeting with potential clients, understanding their needs, gathering information and closing sales. He regularly meets 8-10 clients a day and sends them proposals soon after the meeting. Keeping track of documents and storing information is difficult. Tom asked himself if the process could be automated: could he create a proposal template, add questions, and send them to his clients to collect information? After an Internet search he found a solution that automates the document generation process and increases his productivity - GroupDocs’ document assembly app.

How Do I Benefit From GroupDocs’ Document Assembly Service?GroupDocs Assembly is a web-based app that helps you generate custom documents by collecting data entered by users through online forms. The app automatically incorporates the data into an existing document template. With this app, you can seamlessly generate hundreds or even thousands of custom documents, without manually customizing each one. It can take less than an hour to set up a template and you can re-use it any number of times. All you need to do is create a standard document template in Microsoft Word or PDF format and add fields for the user-data. Then upload the template to GroupDocs and create an online questionnaire associated with the fields in the template. Once done, invite clients to complete the questionnaire online. As clients enter and submit data, GroupDocs automatically generates a new document that incorporates the data into the template. In this a way a unique document is created for each individual client. There are countless types of documents that can be assembled with this app - sales contracts, order quotes, NDAs, job applications, and event registrations. GroupDocs Assembly helped Tom collect data and get completed documents quickly. However, that was not his only challenge. He also needed to get documents signed. He was not worried because he knew that GroupDocs’ online signature service would help him overcome that challenge.

How Do I Benefit From GroupDocs’ Online Signature Service?GroupDocs Signature is another useful app in the suite, indispensable when you need to get documents signed quickly. With this app, documents can be signed online, in a web-browser. Just upload a document to your GroupDocs account, add recipients (signers and CCs) and send the document for signature. Documents can be signed by dropping an image of a handwritten signature, or by drawing a signature in the web-browser. Once the document is signed, notifications are sent to all the parties involved. GroupDocs’ online signature service allows you to get documents signed faster, as you don’t need to print, scan, or fax them. More importantly, documents signed with GroupDocs are absolutely legally binding in most countries, including US, EU, Canada, Japan, and Australia.