We’ve announced the launch of GroupDocs’ online signature plugin for DotNetNuke. This plugin lets you embed signature forms into DotNetNuke, share them with customers and collect signatures online. The workflow is simple: upload a document template to GroupDocs, add signature fields (date, sign, single/multi-line text fields, etc.), include signer email addresses and publish. Recipients fill in the form information and submit it online. An instant notification is received on completion of the task. GroupDocs Signature is an online signature app that supports signing and sending business documents through a web-browser. No new software installations are needed. The applications is compatible with a range of popular file-formats.

Benefits of GroupDocs’ Online Signature AppElectronic signatures have gained respect and popularity in the corporate world. They speed up the signature process for contracts and other documents. Organizations have adapted to the change and can see the benefits it offers. The traditional signing method involved printing documents, signing the papers, sending them by fax or mail, and other steps. It was a time consuming activity that increased admin overheads. GroupDocs’ online signature app is a secure and legally binding service that facilitates instant online document signing. A simple workflow ensures that users can prepare signature forms easily, invite partners, gather signatures and close deals. Some of the benefits of using GroupDocs Signature are:

  • Easy form management: Add fields (check box, single-line text, drop-down, and others) to the document before sharing with peers.
  • Automate the signing process: Set reminder emails on pending documents.
  • Get updates: Receive notifications about signed documents.
  • Use as a plugin: Install the plugin to your CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) and embed signature forms directly.
  • Track status: Different status icons (pending, completed, or expired) instantly shows the current state of the document.
  • Save time: Manage contacts and store signatures for re-use for different purposes.
  • Multiple document format support: Microsoft Word, PDF, ODT, and others.

Why GroupDocs Signature?It is a known fact that e-signature increases the speed of commercial transactions. Business demands faster process turn-around times. The Internet has brought just such a change to document collaboration and signing online contracts. Teams and business units meet online, discuss ideas, make suggestions, and devise strategy. This approach has resulted from a move away from conventional methods of business communication, cutting down on paper and emails. The need for online signature services is ever-increasing and most countries worldwide now accept e-signatures is transactions. GroupDocs’ online signature app lets you sign documents - NDA’s, invoices, contracts, insurance forms and others - from your web-browser. Create forms and invite partners to sign documents. Signers access the document link via email, submit form information and upload a signature. Instant notifications are sent to all parties involved. Track document status, add watermarks, save time, and create a paperless office with GroupDocs Signature! There is no fear of data misuse since all documents are encrypted. Want to see how it works? Just try the demo now. Learning is easy and you’ll understand the process flow in seconds. We appreciate and value our customers’ feedback. Your suggestions can help us improve and deliver products and services effectively. Write an email to support@groupdocs.comchat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.