GroupDocs Viewer for .NET We are pleased to announce the release of the extension that allows Magento developers to seamlessly integrate GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET into their websites. The extension has been approved by the Magento admins and is now available for download from the official Magento marketplace. With this extension installed, developers can embed and display 50+ types of documents and images on any page within their Magento websites. Supported document formats include PDF, Microsoft Word. Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, CAD and raster images. This extension is the third in a series and compliments other GroupDocs extensions that allow developers to integrate the cloud-based and Java versions of the GroupDocs.Viewer. The .NET and Java versions are based on downloadable libraries and allow you to host documents locally. The cloud-based extension provides simpler implementation, but requires documents to be hosted on GroupDocs’ servers. Whatever deployment you choose, we provide free trials, so that you can test the viewer on your website. Also, existing users of the GroupDocs.Viewer can use these extensions for free. For more details on the extension and installation instructions, please visit its page on the Magento marketplace.