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We are happy to release GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET API to work with metadata associated with various document and image formats. The API facilitates the user with simple syntax, easy to use methods and few lines of code to perform metadata operations. It provides the support of many popular document and image formats and the number is going to increase in next release.

Why GroupDocs.Metadata Is Developed? Metadata is structured information that is used to contain important business information of different resources. Having the ability to filter through that metadata makes it much easier for someone to locate a specific resource. Keeping the eyes on the importance of metadata, GroupDocs team thought to make an API that will help users to deal with metadata in an easy manner. Today, we have successfully converted the idea into a fully functional product. Why to Use GroupDocs.Metadata? GroupDocs.Metadata API is developed to empower developers and make their life easier while working with metadata. It is a very powerful and easy to use API that provides all basic metadata operation (i-e view, add, modify, remove) for a number of file formats. API gets the file as an input and makes its metadata accessible for the user. Now, it is up to the user to perform any of his desired operations on this metadata. Example Business Cases GroupDocs.Metadata is going to help a lot in various fields of life. For example, Sharing of crucial business documents is the key factor of any business party these days. Quiet often one party doesn’t want to expose the confidentiality of its business and employees as well through the reports/documents they prepare. So, just before sending these bulks of reports to the other party, removal of all confidential metadata from the reports is mandatory. In order to elaborate real life needs, we have envisaged some real life cases. Please feel free to visit the article: Working with Business Cases. Supported Features Have a look at the features provided by GroupDocs.Metadata API

For more details on supported feature, please visit the article: GroupDocs.Metadata Features Supported File Formats GroupDocs.Metadata API supports metadata operations for following file formats:

  1. Presentation Document (PPT/PPTX)
  2. Word Document (DOC/DOCX)
  3. Spreadsheet Document (XLS/XLSX)
  4. Portable Document Format (PDF)
  5. GIF
  7. PNG

For more details on supported feature, please visit the article: Supported File Formats Available Channels and Resources Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Metadata: