Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is On-Board – Perform Conversion Between 50+ File Formats



Team GroupDocs is contented to release Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion for Java, a totally back-end API in the era of document conversion. API enables Java developers to convert a document in various supported formats. As the API is UI-Agnostic and no additional tool or service is required for it, developers can integrate it in their existing projects as well. We would suggest you to explore the API and share your valuable feedback


Why Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion?

The quite captivating fact about this document conversion API is, it supports generic document conversion for any Java application, it is not specific to web technologies only. Furthermore, the conversion process is performed very smoothly and time effectively.

In Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion for Java, there is no more dependency for Web UI based classes. Instead, only a single “GroupDocs.Conversion”  reference is required to convert any document with advanced options for any applications.

Document Conversion API – Features

API allows you to convert back and forth between over 50 types of documents and images.

  • Conversion from Other Format to Spreadsheet Formats
  • Conversion to Word Processing Formats
  • Other Formatted Document Conversion to Presentation Document Formats
  • Document Conversion to Pdf/HTML and Image File Formats

Supported Document Format Conversions

  • Word Processing
  • Spread sheet
  • Presentation
  • Pdf
  • HTML
  • Image

For more details about different convertible document formats, please visit this article.

Migration to Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion

Migrating to Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion is quite easy. In order to help customers migrate to V3.0.0 or above, we have added a migration articles in the Product Docs. Please feel free to have a look at article: Migrating to GroupDocs.Conversion 3.0.0 or Higher

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Conversion:

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